Thursday, February 3, 2011

Some news

Amazing how much can change in 2 months! Back when I started this because I had time on my hands while studying for exams. Right now I've got hands full trying to study again (not much difference there). Life's been busy and with that there won't be much time to go scouting for toys. Got no job to feed myself, let alone feed any regular hobby haha. I've still got some pics I've yet to post, and will occasionally take some more, but I guess this is declaring a moratorium on any new purchases for some time to come! And maybe some words on other random topics may find their way here. Like below:

Just received my second free Nokia phone in 3 months, I have more phones than I have time to use now! I'm using the free portable speaker that came with it more though, would be great if I had another one to hook up for stereo sound!

I do log onto every now and then, its a neat nation sim game where you run your own nationstate (duh) and get to make all the decisions and see what happens.

Till next time, hock out.

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  1. Well, yeah, this is an expensive hobby and one has to decide what best to spend one's $$$ on. Sometimes that happens to be food and an education, which means that the hobby will have to take a back seat. Well, this blog is more about you anyways, and if you do want to review old toys with or without the packaging, you're more than welcome to do that on TaD (or here as well I suppose). Do spend time checking in every now and again though, you never know if you might win a toy for review... talking about which, I've yet to start my contest this year...