Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The New 52

Whoever still chances upon this blog would probably have heard of DC's latest reboot of its comic franchises after the events of Flashpoint. I consider myself to be just the kind of reader that would be attracted to this premise, being interested enough in some DC characters, but reluctant to wade into their regular published books because of the sheer depth. Savvy enough to do quick Wikipedia lookups on characters I haven't heard of before, but the moment years of intertwining storylines culminate in yet another huge event, I'd be lost without much of a guide unless I frequent comic fan forums or keep up with the years of canon. So its with anticipation that I went to look up the flagship #1 titles of the New 52, and I haven't been disappointed. DC has done right in getting good writers behind their star titles and its nice to get into their tales without the burden of past baggage. Will chip in with short thoughts on the various titles, everything I've read has left me curious for more!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wrath Of The Spectre

This has been in the works for a long time, but after looking at the photos, I felt this was the best way to do justice to the Spectre. Or does the Spectre do justice to you? Presenting the Spectre in chronological order from the moment he manifests in your presence, until it gets all dark and you know you're knee-deep in a whole load of trouble. Enjoy.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

When you thought it was over before it'd begun

I realise this blog is sticking to its credo by being irregularly updated. But now that I have some stuff to talk about, let the updates roll on! Here's the eclectic list:

Long promised Spectre
Some huge-ass headphones
And a surprise!

Stay tuned folks!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Some news

Amazing how much can change in 2 months! Back when I started this because I had time on my hands while studying for exams. Right now I've got hands full trying to study again (not much difference there). Life's been busy and with that there won't be much time to go scouting for toys. Got no job to feed myself, let alone feed any regular hobby haha. I've still got some pics I've yet to post, and will occasionally take some more, but I guess this is declaring a moratorium on any new purchases for some time to come! And maybe some words on other random topics may find their way here. Like below:

Just received my second free Nokia phone in 3 months, I have more phones than I have time to use now! I'm using the free portable speaker that came with it more though, would be great if I had another one to hook up for stereo sound!

I do log onto http://nationstates.net every now and then, its a neat nation sim game where you run your own nationstate (duh) and get to make all the decisions and see what happens.

Till next time, hock out.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


The past month has been fruitful, if not on this blog then at least in real life. Won't have much time for much words here, but I'll be sure to put up some pictures. Being away from much of the interwebs was quite refreshing, will be nice catching up with the stuff that passed me by. But let it also be a fun reminder that when the geeks go out to play, the real world offers a whole lot more fun than usual pastimes can muster :) Look out for some natural stuff (a little birdy told me so) and also in the background there looms a Spectre of darkness!