Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A wall of text

Not in the mood to take photos today, although I just got a shitload of new camera accessories which ultimately be put to good use. Just thought I'd give some exposition on why we (geeks/collectors/overgrown kids) do what we do, and why we're willing to spend time and money on it. And lucky hobos like Lemonjuice actually make some dough out of this only to blow it all on a filthy laundry list of vices...

I'd like to think that we people (why does that sound so accusatory :p ) are in touch with our formative years, and attempting to relive our childhood. That's not a bad thing considering how messed up adult life can be! In fact we're definitely exceeding and going further than we ever went as kids, shelves upon shelves of comics/figures can attest to that! And apart from spending more than any good kid should, we're alot more capable of appreciating and understanding what exactly we're paying for. Knowing the motivations and workings of the comic, toy and pop culture industry is fun. It could be useless knowledge, but since when does fun stuff have to be useful :p

Actually I feel like taking some photos now so this turned out alot shorter than I expected (is that what she said?). This wall of text turned out to be a low ledge if anything. Stay tuned for more!


  1. Ah, I scored a shout-out in what is possibly your very first true pile of ramblings on this fine site.

    My takeover of the internet is nearly complete!

    You make a valid point, though. Being a kid, you take things like action figures for granted. As adults we choose to take what money we can alot, after various bills are paid, and STILL choose to purchase these things. When "regular people" ask me "Why?!", I always tell em that it's better than me blowing money on meth. These confrontations usually occur during my weekly trips for booze and hookers.

  2. Human curiosity is never satisfied. Just be careful where you stick your cash and other appendages.

  3. Ah, you guys...to funny! I always expect people to make fun/punch me in the nuts because of the toy collection, but they turn out admiring it instead. Looks like there's lots more people out there who want to be in touch with their formative years!