Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The New 52

Whoever still chances upon this blog would probably have heard of DC's latest reboot of its comic franchises after the events of Flashpoint. I consider myself to be just the kind of reader that would be attracted to this premise, being interested enough in some DC characters, but reluctant to wade into their regular published books because of the sheer depth. Savvy enough to do quick Wikipedia lookups on characters I haven't heard of before, but the moment years of intertwining storylines culminate in yet another huge event, I'd be lost without much of a guide unless I frequent comic fan forums or keep up with the years of canon. So its with anticipation that I went to look up the flagship #1 titles of the New 52, and I haven't been disappointed. DC has done right in getting good writers behind their star titles and its nice to get into their tales without the burden of past baggage. Will chip in with short thoughts on the various titles, everything I've read has left me curious for more!

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