Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Of Good Deals

(This post be devoid of pictures, sorry!)

Managed to snag a comic Steppenwolf - the green one, at a local department store for S$16 (about US$12) because he was wrongly labelled with the wrong price. Pretty pleased but not quite sure how to photograph him; green and yellow is a strange combination indeed. I don't think he has the gravitas or presence as seen in the Superman shots, and his witch-y hat looks quite goofy. Maybe I could do some comic shots instead, any suggestions? The accessories are pretty neat though, maybe they'll be more useful than the figure itself.


  1. i am too young to have been into superpowers (and i hated superfriends reruns on cartoon network as a teenager) and have never read a comic with steppenwolf, but man that is a sick looking toy. i look forward to your pictures.

  2. Yeah I had no idea what Super Powers was until DCUC came around. Let's see what opportunities this badass looking toy presents!

  3. I understand why this figure is a peg-warmer at my local TRU and I've only really encountered the character via the Superman: The Animated Series. But I really like this figure, both versions actually.