Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Future of Watches (Is Already Here)

When you think of exclusive product launches, what comes to mind is usually big expensive events, probably held in the CBD or the Marina Bay area with yachts in the background and people dressed to the nines. Waiters humming around with champagne? Five-piece ensemble playing classical music? Well put those notions to rest, because at the launch for the Seiko Astron GPS watch, none of those things were present, and the event was arguably much better because of it.

Launching a product right in the heart of Vivocity puts it front and centre in the eyes of the people, much more visible than in the business district.

 Seiko chose to unveil the Astron in Vivocity, complete with a smart-looking black booth/showcase right in the middle of the atrium (more on this later). Not a bad location if you're looking to address the human traffic, especially the lunch crowd coming in from Alexandra Distripark, Science Park and the surrounding areas.

Clean design with clear emphasis on the brand and the watches

The sleek backdrop was a nice touch, a good idea because it achieved the dual purpose of standing out and announcing the Seiko brand, but also maintained an air of exclusivity for the guests inside. It got a bit hard to move around once the place filled up, with waiters on hand too with drinks. Guess that's a plus point for Seiko to have many people turn up for their launch.

Performer enthralling guests with his new, magical, amazing iPhone 12 that shows 20 rows of icons
Now on to the watches! I want to start with my favourite watch there, this Astron with blue markings. Just look at it. I admit I am partial to watches with bright luminscent markings that look inspired by supercar speedos/tachometers. Or is it the other way round with the carmakers inspired by watchmakers? Whatever it is, I like!
Having a big second hand is nice too, prefer to have it big rather than on one of the subdials.

Looks aside, the GPS and solar functions are pretty neat. I can't say that I will be using the headline GPS function alot, because I travel infrequently. However, the solar bit is always handy, won't need to look for replacement batteries. Somehow, watch batteries always die at inconvenient times.

Astron in a different colourway. More understated markings here, but no less readable.

Apparently Seiko sponsors the Catalan football giants too! Didn't know until I saw this
 The FC Barcelona licenced Sporturas were on show too. The speedometer influence is also clear on these, look at the font of the numerical markings on the bezel.

Nice use classy use of the club badge. Would have preferred it if the badge was monochrome, but guess having paid for the licence Seiko would rather use it in colour!

The Sportura is definitely friendly on the wallet than the more premium watches though. Seiko evidently came prepared with watches at every price level.

Old is gold

Speaking of premier products, the Seiko Premier decked out in gold and with exposed movement certainly stood out. Not too sure if they will get many walk-in customers buying this one though!

All in, it was a good event to attend. Entertainment, refreshments and a good showcase of timepieces. More companies should hold their events like this, blending an invite-only launch with a public location and element so that their brand and message doesn't stay exclusive to a small segment of people only.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The New 52

Whoever still chances upon this blog would probably have heard of DC's latest reboot of its comic franchises after the events of Flashpoint. I consider myself to be just the kind of reader that would be attracted to this premise, being interested enough in some DC characters, but reluctant to wade into their regular published books because of the sheer depth. Savvy enough to do quick Wikipedia lookups on characters I haven't heard of before, but the moment years of intertwining storylines culminate in yet another huge event, I'd be lost without much of a guide unless I frequent comic fan forums or keep up with the years of canon. So its with anticipation that I went to look up the flagship #1 titles of the New 52, and I haven't been disappointed. DC has done right in getting good writers behind their star titles and its nice to get into their tales without the burden of past baggage. Will chip in with short thoughts on the various titles, everything I've read has left me curious for more!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wrath Of The Spectre

This has been in the works for a long time, but after looking at the photos, I felt this was the best way to do justice to the Spectre. Or does the Spectre do justice to you? Presenting the Spectre in chronological order from the moment he manifests in your presence, until it gets all dark and you know you're knee-deep in a whole load of trouble. Enjoy.